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Digitizing Services

At PhotoLounge we offer a variety of digitizing services, from scanning 35mm negatives and large format film to 8x10 photo prints. Slides are a common keepsake that we also digitize for customers. They are unique objects that are slowly becoming obsolete.

What are Slides?

Slides are a small positive image that is mounted between cardboard. In order to view the image you need to hold it up to a light source, or put it in a slide carousel to project it (these are basically obsolete as well).

Photograph of vase of slides at PhotoLounge

Photograph of slide being held up to the light at PhotoLounge

Since the tools to view slides are no longer being made, it is important to preserve the images so you can view them on your computer or phone. If you have a couple or even hundreds of slides, bring them to PhotoLounge so we can digitize them and then you will be able to see the image forever—and you won't need to worry about the original getting damaged.

Converting Slides To Digital FAQ

We sat down with our Head of Digitizing, Hannah, to answer some common questions we have gotten about the process of converting slides to digital format.

Q: I have a bunch of slides that I need scanned and saved to my computer. How should I bring them to PhotoLounge?

A: You can always feel free to bring them to us in person and drop them off. This is the best way to get a hold of someone to speak to and ask any questions you may have. You can also mail us your materials, or we offer a free courier service if you are local where we can come and pick everything up from you.

Q: What is the cost of getting one slide digitized? Is there any discount or benefit to bringing in more slides? Is there a minimum amount of slides that I can bring in?

A: One slide at our standard resolution will be around $5 per scan. 80 or more slides falls under our bulk pricing at 60 cents per slide. There is that minimum to be considered for the bulk discount however there is no minimum in general, we can scan any amount you have.

Q: If a slide is damaged can you fix it?

A: We can’t fix the physical slide, however we can digitally fix any damage in post production. We can do anything from light touch ups and dusting to major restorations.

Q: How do you ensure that none of the slides will be damaged while in the lab?

A: We take great care of each job as if it were our own. Each job is touched by one technician over the course of the time it is being worked on, and nothing leaves our building. We do everything in house.

Q: If the slides are in a specific order will you keep that order?

A: Absolutely! We love to preserve the stories that come from slides being in a particular order. Curation of a collection is very important to us so we will absolutely keep everything in the order it comes to us.

Q: Do you clean the slide before scanning it?

A: We do a thorough dusting of the slide before we scan it with a gentle, soft haired brush and a few puffs of air. This helps us to get the cleanest scan we can and the best end result.

Photograph or worker dusting slide for digitizing order

Q: What type of scanner do you use to digitize slides?

A: We have an Epson V850 flatbed as well as a Fuji Frontier scanner for slides. They both produce a great result and we can scan any number of slides on each machine.

Photograph of Fuji Frontier SP2000 scanner at PhotoLounge

Fuji Frontier scanner

Q: How will you give me the digital versions of my slides?

A: You will get your scans via email through a Dropbox folder. We will digitally organize the scans into folders based on how you have them organized so it will be easy to access everything. I love to offer our customers a tour of their Dropbox folder to make sure that they know how to navigate the system.

Q: I have specific questions regarding my order, can I come and talk to someone in charge of digitizing about it?

A: Absolutely! You can talk to anyone at the counter and if necessary they will point you in the direction of me, Hannah, the Head of the Digitizing department. I can answer any questions or concerns you may have about scanning in general or your specific job.

Q: Will you sleeve and organize my slides for me once you have digitized them? Or will they be given back to me in their original packaging?

A: They will always be given back to you the way they were brought to us, we never make any changes to your own organization system.

Photograph of worker putting slides back the way they were for digitizing order

Q: Will the scans be edited at all?

A: We can do some basic color correction and exposure/contrast control. Anything more than that falls under our restoration service.

Photograph of worker scanning slides for digitizing order

Q: Will I get the original slides back or will they be disposed of?

A: You will always get your original materials back unless otherwise specified that you would like them to be safely disposed of.

Q: I have a few slides that I want digitized as well as some photos and negatives. What should I do?

A: The best way to bring in an order with multiple types of materials to it is to schedule a Sort and Quote appointment with me to walk through all of those parts. This will be the best way to get a thorough understanding and an accurate quote.

If you have more questions feel free to contact our Head of Digitizing, Hannah at

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