Restored Print


$ 45.00 

Get damaged or faded pictures restored and ready to be framed — and order new prints for everyone while you’re at it! These new prints are archival for over 100 years, and safe to frame.

Photo Restoration FAQ

The steps are simple: Start by using your phone to take a picture of your faded or slightly damaged original photograph. Try getting one without obstructing the light or creating a shadow, and leave a generous amount of space around the picture area. That’s it! Upload it here then add new copies printed on 5x7 Baryta paper—order multiple copies and save. We’ll adjust the cropping and add a border if you prefer.

Faded or slightly ripped originals will be restored for the price listed under this service. Pictures with more damage may require an additional fee.

Orders are ready in 3 days at our photo lab in Center City, Philadelphia and can be delivered or shipped anywhere you want! Questions about pick-up or shipping options? Click here to contact our digitizing team manager.