Since 1997, we have believed that pictures should be beautiful, affordable, and long lasting.  And also easy to order and receive. We're a very adept photo lab with diverse services from iPhone picture printing to shoebox scanning.  You can bring us 35mm film for processing, and also order prints online, or from the App.  Pick up orders at PhotoLounge and also at popular stores and cafes in Philly with MobiLabCome in and print your world. 
Use the form below to give us feedback, ask for a quote, or anything else.  We try to reply in just a few hours.



PhotoLounge is closed during the the city-wide lockdown. We are still available to answer your questions at

We will be providing updates on our Instagram.

Our number one priority is our employees', customers' and families' safety and health!

1909 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

P: 267-322-6651