Film Lab


Get professional film processing lab services for C41 Color, Black & White, and Disposable Cameras. Plus scannings and prints. Our customers love our quality, fast turnaround, and friendly service.

Walk-in, mail-in, and courier pick-up options available.

Film Processing FAQs

What types of film do you process at PhotoLounge? We offer processing of all color film known as C41 and all types of black & white film. This includes 35mm, 120 film, and disposable cameras.
What's the cost, and do you offer discounts? Film development and scanning starts at $14 per roll. Save on bulk film processing orders with the Film Processing Super Saver, which can be used all at once or over a period of time. Join our Film Club to get free high resolution scans.
What is offered with film processing? You can have your negatives scanned in either standard or high resolution, and will receive the digital files on Dropbox. The negatives can be sleeved in strips or sleeved uncut.
I’m in Philly, how can I get my film to you? You can drop it off in our store, PhotoLounge is open daily from 12-5pm and housed in a historic brownstone right off Rittenhouse Square in Center City. We also offer weekly courier pick-up in and around Philadelphia as well as several film drop locations throughout the city. Choose what works best for you on the order page.
Can I add prints? Yes! You can add 4x6 prints on either glossy or lustre paper to your order. You can also choose to have them printed with a white border. Plus, when you join our Film Club, you receive one free 11x14 print each month.
Can I mail my film for processing? Yes! You can use our prepaid shipping label to mail film for developing at PhotoLounge. Make this selection right from the order page. Once the order is received at our store you’ll be notified (so you don’t have to worry), and your negatives and prints (if ordered) will be returned to you by USPS.
How long does it take? We’re fast! Most color film is ready the next day during the week, and black & white film is in by Tuesday out by Friday.
What else is available in store? Our team can help with camera questions, suggest new types of film from our wide selection, and give you a tour of our beautiful space. There are always gallery shows on display that we hope you’ll find inspiring while you visit. We also have a rotating selection of free merch for customers!