Film Lab


Film Processing FAQs

What film developing is offered at PhotoLounge? We offer processing of all color film known as C41 and all Black and White types of film. This includes processing and developing 35mm film and 120 film, as well as disposable camera developing.
What is offered with film processing? We scan the film in standard and high resolution, and share the digital files on Dropbox. We sleeve the film uncut or in strips and use a super sturdy box to protect it. Add 4x6 archival prints in glossy or lustre to your film developing order.
What's the cost, and do you offer discounts? Film developing and scanning starts at $14 per roll. Save on bulk film processing orders with the Film Processing Super Saver. Or save on any quantity when you join the film club to get free high resolution scans.
How long does it take? We offer next day film developing of Color film when in the lab by 3pm, Sunday through Friday. Black and white film developing is processed within ten business days.
How do I get film to PhotoLounge? We offer 4 ways to get film to our photo lab: contactless pick up in Philly, drop box at our Center City location, Mobilab film boxes, and send in by mail. We make film developing by mail easy with a prepaid shipping label!
How does the film pick up service work? If you live most anywhere in Philly (or nearby), simply select the “send a courier option” when ordering film for processing. Depending on our route that week, you’ll receive at least one pick up time option that week. Our own courier will get your film from you and bring it back to the lab that day. It’s easy and convenient, and as a service to the community during Covid, also free.