Joining the Film Club is an impactful way to support the photo community in Philly while paying less for favorite film processing and printing services at PhotoLounge.

When you give, you receive. The monthly dues for the club are just $8 with no contract. Of this, $4 is used to fund gallery shows, talks, walks and fun events centered on the collective love of pictures and photography.

Our new space located inside the historic Frank Furness Solomon House just off of Rittenhouse Square, has three beautiful levels with two galleries, a member lounge, classroom, and direct view into the photo-labs and access to the team. We invite you to browse the shows, meet a friend, chat with the team, participate, and be inspired whenever you visit the space.

Current students can sign up for free below. Also, if you are a member of any of the following arts organizations, REC Philly, The Da Vinci Art Alliance, The Center for Emerging Visual Artists or Main Line Art Center you can sign up for free as well. Just click on your organization to be directed to another page for the free sign up.

For the community:

  • Monthly member show.
  • Member Lounge with drop-in events, lessons, classes and more.
  • Early access to shows and events.

Member discounts and upgrades:

  • High resolution scans suitable for printing for the same price as standard resolution scans.
  • 10% off of all film, disposable cameras and eligible used camera gear.
  • Access to get a free 5x7 print each month when you opt-in to recieve texts.
  • Discounts combine with any other discounts or promotions we offer.


Is the Film Club only for serious film shooters?

Club members range from occasional users to photographers who process film in bulk.

What makes the Film Club a Good deal?

The club pays for itself quickly in three key ways: with free upgraded high resolution scanning that saves money on each roll. On-going 10% discount on film rolls, disposable cameras and batteries. And access to make a free 5x7 print each month.

Why is getting free upgrades to high resolution scanning a key benefit?

Normal resolution scanning is perfect for sharing, viewing, and posting images online. But high resolution scanning offers more options for printing and cropping.

Could I get additional saving if I have even more film to process?

Yes. Club members can receive an additional discount on top of our lowest bulk pricing.

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