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My Photo Lounge

$ 5.00 

Since 1997, we’ve helped thousands of customers all over Philadelphia with all their film processing needs. We’re proud to call ourselves not only photographers, but also artists, who spend the time to meticulously maintain the integrity of all your film developing through the whole process, from getting it developed, to scanned to printed. We offer 35mm film processing, 120 film processing, and disposable camera developing. We’re also ready to help you with enlargements of any size, just perfect for the perfect frame, gallery wall or photo book.

We offer same day developing on Color film (C41) when the film is in the lab by 11am. We offer black and white film developing by Friday when film is in our lab by Tuesday.

We make things easy for you, order on your phone and we’ll come pick up your film most anywhere in Philly, or feel free to drop your film off in our secure mail slot when it’s ready to go.

Rather join our yearly membership for an added signup bonus? Learn more about our Film Club and all its benefits.