How Does a Sort and Quote Work?

Digitizing Services

At PhotoLounge we offer a Sort & Quote service where we will sort through you photo albums, slides, loose pictures and anything else you want to digitize and  then give you a quote for the project. This is a completely free service and the best part is we can come pick up your order rather than having to ship it to us or lug it in yourself. 

Here is our team sorting through an order in our lab:

Sorting through a digitizing order in the PhotoLounge photo lab

Two digitizing team members sorting through personal mementos for digitizing

How Does Sorting Work?

Our sorting process is very organized and precise. We decide what needs to be scanned on a flatbed scanner or slide scanner, or whether something needs to be photographed. We also count each object so we can give you the exact quote for the job. We make sure to always use gloves and keep everything in order as it was given to us. 

Worker sorting through personal photographs before digitizing

Photo album sorted and counted for digitizing

Common Sort and Quote FAQs

We sat down with our Head of Digitizing, Hannah, to answer some common questions our customers have about the process of our Sort and Quote service.

Q: I have a bunch of slides, negatives, photos, and other things that I am not sure what they are that I want digitized. What should I do?

A: The best way to get started is to schedule a Sort and Quote appointment on our website. This way you can come in and sit down with me to talk about what you have, what we can offer, and what the next steps are.

Q: How long does the sorting process take? When can I expect to get a quote?

A: Depending on how much you have the quote can take anywhere from getting it right on the spot to around a week.

Q: How will I get the quote?

A: I will either email you with the details or we can chat on the phone to answer any questions you have.

Q: If I agree to the quote, what happens next?

A: I can either send you an invoice to pay online, you can pay over the phone, or I can take payment in person. Once the order is paid for I will get a technician started on the job ASAP.

Q: Should I drop off the items that I want digitized? Or should I mail them to you?

A: You can always come by the store in person to talk with us and drop your materials off. Mailing in is also an option. If you are local, we can send our courier to pick everything up from you.

Q: How much does this service cost?

A: The Sort and Quote is a free service!

Q: Should I make an appointment before coming in with my things?

A: Making an appointment is the best way to guarantee that you can speak with me in depth about your job and ask any questions you may have. Schedule an appointment here!

Q: Does the quote take into account the resolution I want my scans to be at?

A: Yes, as long as you specify at the beginning what you are looking for.

Q: How much does the quote differ depending on the resolution I want?

A: It depends on what resolution you want and how many items you have. We offer bulk discounts at any resolution.

If you have more questions feel free to contact Hannah, our Head of Digitizing, at

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