Member Moment: Ash Schleicker

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This week’s member moment features work by Ash Schleicker who sent us photos of sunny moments from Philly, the shore, and more! Scroll down to see their pictures and to read the interview.

PL: What got you interested in photography? 

AS: I took a photography class back in middle school which I think is where my interest in photography really began. I loved being involved in the full process of development from the film to learning all the dark room related processes. I dabbled with digital photography for a small bit of time during college and then didn't get involved with film again until just a few years ago. I think now, while it's very much a creative outlet for me, I also consider it a bit of a meditative practice for myself -- allowing me to slow down, observe the world more closely, and find beauty in the everyday.

PL: What type of camera do you shoot with?

AS: I started off using a point and shoot, Nikon L35AF, and then wanted a bit more control over the shot and how it's captured so purchased a Pentax K1000 to get more of the manual features-- which I really loved. However, it has consistently given me issues with jamming so I recently purchased a Canon Rebel XS to use in the meantime until I figure out if I want to splurge on another Pentax K1000 or commit to a different camera altogether.

PL: When taking pictures, what are some objects or elements or feelings within a scene that inspire you to take a photo?

AS: When I take my camera out, I never really have a specific goal in mind for what I might capture that day. I typically will take a walk around sunrise/sunset and mostly what I'm looking for is the interplay of light, shadows, and colors-- with the hope that these elements can help make a typically mundane scene all the more interesting.

PL: Of the pictures you submitted, can you share an interesting story about one? 

AS: The double exposure was a total accident but it's ended up being one of my favorite photos. I was having issues with my Pentax K1000 where it jammed at about the 5th shot and I had to reel the roll in and then reload it (with the hopes it didn't jam AGAIN). The end result was a happy little accident.

PL: What do you enjoy most about film and/or digital photography and what is challenging about it? 

AS: What I enjoy most about film photography is the feeling of uncertainty and mystery that comes with having to wait for a roll of film to be developed before being able to see a shot. I'm the type of person that tends to be a bit nit picky and have found that not having the instant gratification of being able to see a shot immediately has helped me to appreciate the end result a bit more. Whereas if I were shooting digitally, I'd likely focus too much on smaller details and try to "fix" a shot by capturing it again right then and there.

PL: Do you have any goals or ideas of how you want to grow this collection of photographs?

AS: Currently my only goal is to commit to taking my camera out more-- I do slack a bit and sometimes go a few months without taking a single picture. I also recently had prints made to be featured at a local coffee shop (Function Coffee Labs) as their "artist of the month" and I like how this has pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit with sharing my prints with a larger audience -- along with this member moment feature.


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