Time Capsule Tuesdays: Meet the Team

Time Capsule

Time Capsule Tuesday’s have officially begun! 

Each week we’ll be featuring stories from you — our friends, our customers, our community — showcasing all of the ways converting your analog collection makes it easy to preserve priceless memories, share stories through photos with friends and family, even make photo books for the holidays

Jeanie, Karen, and Shannon are our just a few of the people we’ll be chatting with over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on the blog each Tuesday for a new conversation. 

In the meantime, have you seen the Time Capsule posts from our team members? Click here to read the story of Andrew, his sister, and Harold and the Purple Crayon, and here for Kelsey and her dad’s adventure in Mexico. 

Want to covert your collection? Book an appointment with Hannah, our Head of Digitizing, by clicking here

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