90's Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Kelsey Evans, our Digitizing team member, writes: "My parents are in the process of downsizing. This means I’ve spent a number of hours in the crawl space below their house cleaning out my old trunks from camp, letters and cards from my childhood, and more Christmas decorations than I thought possible. But during that cleanout, I found photos I had never seen before — like this one of my Dad and I on a trip to Mexico. I had completely forgotten about our 4-wheeling adventures on the sand dunes. Now, I’m gathering the photos I find and preparing to send them to PhotoLounge for digitizing. The process of preparing for a move may be stressful, but finding memories like this makes it all worth it.

Have a collection of photos you want to digitize? Email us at digitizing@myphotolounge.com or  or text us at 215-326-9486.

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