Time Capsule Tuesdays: A look inside

Time Capsule

We love hearing your experiences about converting your priceless analog items to digital. Jeannine B. recently digitized an entire collection of over 200 printed photos, and shared a bit about the process.

"Hannah and the team at PhotoLounge were outstanding," she writes. "So helpful, friendly, and professional." 

Our team makes it easy to get a jump start on this before the holidays. You can drop off your items at our store -- open daily from 11am-5pm at 130 S. 17th Street -- or we can send our courier out to you for a pick-up. You can even schedule a free Sort and Quote with our team right here and we'll walk you through the digitizing process in person.

As we know, once the items are converted, that's really where the fun begins. In addition to sharing the online files with friends and family, Jeannine is planning on putting together a family memory booklet as well.

Thanks for sharing your story, Jeannine! 

Later this week we'll walk through a few holiday gift ideas, so stay tuned for the next post this week! 

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