Theme: Signs

Photo Contest

Photograph taken with Canonet QL17 GIII on Cinestill 800T film of street sign illuminated at night

Contest Theme: Signs
Prize: One roll of film processed and three 5x7 prints made free
Winner: @keyllargo

From the Artist: "I woke up unusually early on an otherworldly, foggy early Spring morning and decided to take the camera out for a walk. I had Cinestill 800T loaded in my Canonet QL17 Giii so I thought it would be perfect conditions for something interesting. The lit up Jim's Auto Service sign with classic looking fonts stood out to me in the misty fog. I set up the tripod and also waited for some car headlights to zoom by to create an extra layer of interest. I loved how the film stock, lighting, and conditions all came together to make a really cinematic scene."

What We Liked: We like how the eerie lighting creates a striking sense of atmosphere in this nighttime photograph. The soft illumination of the car’s lights make them look like ghosts of trips past. Meanwhile, the bright central sign—advertising Jim’s Auto Service, “Professionals”—glows brightly, as if in protest to the darkness that has enveloped the rest of the night.

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