Theme: Fall

Photo Contest

Photograph of two people sitting outside gated tennis courts in Paris during autumn

Contest Theme: Fall
Prize: Three 8x10 prints made free
Winner: @werner8b

From the Artist: "Fall in Paris is my favorite time of the year, the color of the buildings mixed with the changing color of the trees render nicely, and make for a great palette. I also like to look for repetition when composing an image, that's what caught my eye in this image." 

What We Liked: Fall has officially begun, and you can really feel it in the air these past couple of days. When looking at this autumnal landscape, we like the layers of the image; how it captures a conversation in the foreground, a tennis match in the mid-ground, and a park full of trees who have lost half their leaves in the background. The mixture of warm and cool color tie these seemingly disparate subjects into one coherent frame.

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