Theme: Best of the Year

Photo Contest

Photograph of outline of person walking down a street

Contest Theme: Best of the Year
Prize: 30% discount on all PhotoLounge products
Winner: @madelynslens

From the Artist: "Walking around the city one night, I kept thinking about the history of these streets and all the people in the past who have lived here. I saw this alleyway and imagined a ghost just walking by their old home, seeing what it looks like today. The warm glow illuminating from that one single light in the alley prompted me to snap this shot, and I then added in this ghostly figure. I've always been a spiritual person who's interested in what's beyond our current lives, so my photography reflects that a lot."

What We Liked: This photo immediately grabs your attention with the reverse silhouette of the person walking. Their outline mirrors the purple sky above, contrasting with the darkness of the alley. Is this a ghost or just an afterimage hanging in the air? As your eyes adjust, the warm, artificial glow from a light unseen brings you back into reality. The heavy grain adds texture throughout the frame, giving it the atmosphere of a warm summer night.

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