Theme: Identity

Photo Contest

Photograph of someone pulling off their sweater

Contest Theme: Identity
Prize: Three rolls of film developed with high-resolution scans for free.
Winner: @aesthetic_griff

From The Artist: "My partner has always discomforted by being the center of attention. However, she has a large and loving presence that anyone who spends time with her would immediately recognize. This image captured that juxtaposition by her wearing a very colorful, fun outfit while at the same time making her face obscured."

What We Liked: At its core, photography is a deeply personal act of self-expression. It serves as a mirror that reflects both the external reality and the artist’s internal landscapes. In this image specifically we like how the subject’s outfit and individual style becomes a departure point for an abstract exploration of identity by the camera. This is embodied by the juxtaposition of the vibrant clothing colors against the drab background and emphasized by obscuring all of the subject’s body parts save their hands and feet.

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