PhotoLounge Staff Show


The PL130 Gallery presents an exhibition featuring artwork made by PhotoLounge staff! 

Reception July 21st 7-9pm, on view from June 28 - July 22, 2023

At PhotoLounge, we are extremely lucky to have such an interesting and talented team! This month we are very excited to present a show dedicated solely to displaying our staff’s work!

Our staff show has been a long time coming—growing out of the countless questions and consistent interest in our staff’s personal artwork—and we are exceptionally proud of the result! Stop by this month to meet our staff and see the work they’re producing. There will also be an extra special reception on Friday, July 21st from 7-9pm!

Featuring the work of:
Ben Moody (Customer Service and Courier)
Covey Carpenter (Black and White Film Lab Tech)
Emily Girgis (Digitizing Contractor)
Evan Maloney (Print and Digital Lab Technician)
Inno (Customer Service and Film Lab Tech)
James Izlar (Film Lab Tech)
John Pinto (Film Lab Manager)
Jordan Cameron (Marking Assistant)
Lauren Mitchell (Gallery Director and Community Manager)
Leah Seaman (Digitizing Contractor)
Nick Camarata (Store Manager)
Owen Kobasz (Associate Gallery Director and Social Media Manager).

Some artwork featured in the show will be for sale. Contact the artist directly either through Instagram, their website or email to inquire about purchasing their work. 

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