Theme: Street Photography

Photo Contest

Photograph of someone picking up flowers from street stand

Contest Theme: Street Photography
Prize: One roll of film processed and three 5x7 prints made free.
Winner: @brooke.granttt

From the Artist: Taking swift strides down the sidewalk, I weave through couples, littered trash, and the complexity of the afternoon. My curiosity is drawn to this fiery hair melting into a bright red jacket, leading my eye to an outstretched hand reaching towards sunny bouquets. Is this act of kindness for a friend? A lover? Or rather an apology? Memorializing this floral exploration, I will never know who those flowers are for. 

What We Liked: Part of living in a city like Philly is existing in the daily drama of the street. Street photography offers a way to use the medium to capture some of the beauty of these fleeting moments. In this frame we're drawn to the connections between the subjects jacket and the surrounding fruits and flowers. This is highlighted by how the composition employs the rule of thirds both horizontally and vertically. 

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