Theme: Nostalgia

Photo Contest
Photograph of ticket booth at a fair
Contest Theme: Nostalgia
Prize: Three rolls of film developed for free

From the Artist: "This photo was taken at the Minnesota State Fair in 2021 when I was just starting to learn film photography. While 2021 isn’t exactly long enough ago to be ‘nostalgic’ I think it works because there’s no dead giveaways of when this photo was taken. The rides and buildings don’t look new, none of the people are holding up a big smartphone, there are no clear indications from anyone’s outfit. The Fair overall felt very timeless and nostalgic when I was there, and I think that got captured."

What We Liked: There's something instantly nostalgic about going to the annual carnival in the parking lot of your local mall, church, or park. From the funnel cake to the arcade games and rides, these spots feel out of time, harkening back to a different era. In this photo, we appreciate how the glow of the ticket booth draws your attention while the flags and ferris wheel adorn the horizon.

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