How To Ship Film Rolls

Our Lab

Photo taken by Student Ambassador @tonywmccall

If you are curious to try our film lab, just ship us your film using our pre-paid easy label.

Film developing by mail works well for anyone with 35mm or 120 color and black and white film, and disposable cameras too. It’s a good way to get the film processed by an experienced photo lab like PhotoLounge, whether you live in the Philly area or across the country!

How Film Developing By Mail Works

Just place the film in any small (tear proof) envelope or box, affix the personalized prepaid shipping label and drop it in the mail. Once the film arrives in our lab, we’ll contact you to answer any questions and get your order right in the film lab for processing. We’ll know which film is yours because the easy shipping label you created shows up on our end too, so don’t worry about mixups. 

You are welcome to include a personal note for the team and even specify your preferences. We love that. But if you need help choosing the right scan or the right printing, we can help you. You can also ask for new film, help with your camera, or even for a new battery. We’ll send you a safe and secure link to pay for the order and immediately get started processing.

Our film processing is among the fastest. Color film and disposable cameras could be ready in a day, depending on the volume we have in the queue. Black and white film is processed mid week and ready each Friday. You’ll receive scans of your negatives online via Dropbox, and prints and negatives will be returned to you by mail. 

And don’t forget to come visit our historic building and gallery when you’re in the city of Philly next!

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