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Saradine Pierre is a Film Club Member whose work was featured in our Member Show Seasonal Reflections: Summer. Saradine has also joined us on some of our City Hikes so we decided to get to know her more and see more of her photos by interviewing her this week.

Photograph of pink flowers

Photograph of street with posters on lamp post

PL: What got you interested in film photography?

SP: I got into film photography back in 2021. With working from home and being on a computer most of the days, I was looking for an activity that would break up the monotony of my day. I appreciate the hands-on nature of film photography. I love having the ability of being involved in every step of the process from taking a picture, to developing the film, to enlarging and printing it out. It really allows you to create something with intention. And it’s that sort of mindful and introspective process that keeps me drawn to film photography in particular.  

Photograph of kickboxing practice in Rittenhouse Square

Photograph of creek surrounded by woods

PL: What type of camera do you shoot with, and what kind of film do you usually use?

SP: I typically use my point and shoot, which is a Minolta Freedom Zoom. I like that it’s easy to carry around which makes it especially fun to bring whenever I am traveling. I have also been trying to get more practice using a manual camera. I currently use a Pentax Spotmatic F. I really like using it because the functions are pretty straight forward and I am able to get a better sense of control when taking pictures. I like using Kodak films mostly, Portra 400 and Portra 160 are my favorites. I also use Fujifilm 200 because I think it is great for using outdoors, especially with nature shots. 

Photograph of Hope Fence in Philadelphia

Photograph of walkway leading up a roof

PL: What are some qualities that you like about color film?

SP: I like the different ranges that can be explored using color film. Depending on the stock you use, the same picture can evoke a new feeling based on what hues are being highlighted. Color film also gives everyday sights a sort of warm and cinematic quality to them. 

Photograph taken at night of bright neon lights

Photograph of log in a flowering swamp

PL: Your photos have a strong composition. When photographing, what are you thinking before you click the shutter?

SP: Thank you! When I’m taking a picture I normally go on instinct and feel for a moment that steals my attention. Like what is making me stop in my tracks? 

Photograph of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

Photograph of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

PL: There are a variety of street and natural landscapes captured. When out photographing, what are some objects or elements within a scene that inspire you to take a photo?

SP: I am intrigued by the way I and other people interact within public spaces. Cities are dynamic and full of interesting interactions. I think film photography has a special way of capturing the magic and authenticity of those moments. Some other elements I gravitate towards are interesting angles, symmetry, interactions of light and shadow. And generally, if I see something that just makes me smile – whether it be a cool sign or a beautiful little flower – I’m going to want to capture it!

Photograph of bark on a tree

Photograph of person covered in balloons during the Pride Parade

PL: Out of all of these images, which is your favorite and why?

SP: My favorite is the shot of the balloons. It’s a photo I am very proud of and it ended up getting selected for the Member Show. I took this picture when I went to the NYC Pride Parade in 2022. This sort of bouquet of balloons was such a visually striking object in an event that was already full of color and vibrancy. The sight of the balloons brought about a feeling of awe, excitement, and slight confusion to everyone around. It was such a fun thing to witness! And the serendipity of the bouncing balloons with the “More Bounce” ad in the background made the composition of this shot even more compelling and special to me. 

Photograph taken at a Pride Parade


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