Member Moment: Madasyn Andrews

Film Club
Madasyn Andrews is a Film Club Member whose photographs caught our eye on Instagram. Her images are creative and compelling so we decided to interview her to get to know her more and share a group of her photos with the community. 

Photograph of beach dunes

Photograph of street sign taken from a car

Photograph of posts in ground

PL: What got you interested in film photography?

MA: I took a photography class in high school where we shot film, but it was really my college courses at Tyler that made me fall in love with film. 

Photograph of boats docked in a tropical place

Photograph of seagulls clustered together on a beach

PL: What type of camera do you shoot with, and what kind of film do you usually use?

MA: I have a Minolta X-700, a Holga, a Canon AE-1, and a mini Diana camera! I usually use Ilford, Arista, or Kodak film.

Photograph of striped towel lying in the sand on a beach

Photograph of boarded up attendance station

PL: There are a mix of black and white and color photos within this collection. What are some qualities that you like about both black and white and color film? 

MA: I love how black and white film really emphasizes shapes and can make a “loud” scene feel more quiet. I only recently started shooting color film and I’ve fallen in love with how colors pop or fade depending on the film you use, how old it is, etc. They make my heart warm and feel very nostalgic. 

Blurry photograph of person sitting in park holding a dog in their lap

Photograph of three dogs waiting in doorway

PL: Some of your images are taken at engaging angles. When photographing, what are you thinking before you click the shutter?

MA: Besides making sure that my shutter speed or f stop are right, I’m thinking how I can’t wait to get the film developed and see how an image turns out. 

Blurry photograph of house

Photograph of chicken walking through backyard of a house

PL: There are many different types of scenes within this collection of images making it seem you are someone who always has their film camera with them. When taking pictures, what are some objects or elements or feelings within a scene that inspire you to take a photo? 

MA: I try my best to always have a camera with me because my brain is constantly seeing everything through a lens. I’m attracted to interesting, funky shapes and colors as well as candid moments of people and abandoned buildings/areas. I think about all the events that have led up to this moment in a space and what stories I could learn from those who have been there. 

Photograph of the facade of The Empire building

Photograph of the facade and entrance to The Carlyle restaurant

PL: Out of all of these images, which is your favorite and why? 

MA: My favorite image has to be the one of The Carlyle. When taking photos of busy places, I’ll always have an idea of what a photo looks like in my head, but it sometimes doesn’t turn out as such. Getting this picture back with the amazing colors and the person in a white skirt walking up made me so giddy. It feels exactly like that moment in time and I will always remember the warmth it brings.

Photograph of old bench in a overgrown backyard

Portrait of two girls


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