Member Moment: Kimmie Krane

Film Club
Kimmie Krane is a Film Club member who we interviewed this week. The photos she shared capture a mix of adventurous landscapes, quiet streets, and intimate interior photos. Scroll down to see her pictures and to read the interview!

PL: What got you interested in photography? 

KK: A few years ago I was going through some belongings of my great-aunt's, who had recently passed away. She was an extremely talented artist of many mediums, and when I came across her film photo collection, I was enamored. Many of my favorites were taken in Philly during the 1970s: bar crowds, young chefs in restaurant kitchens, Italian Market shop windows, my grandparent's backyard. She inspired me to learn about film photography.

PL: What type of camera do you shoot with and what film do you like to use?

KK: I shoot with a Pentax K1000 and I usually use 35mm color film. I've frequently used Kodak Colorplus and Kodak Gold.

PL: What are some qualities that you like about color film?

KK: I Iike playing with color to change the mood of an image. While I am especially drawn to bold hues when making other visual art, I’ve noticed that my photographs have more of a muted tone to them. I also enjoy experimenting with different kinds of color film to adjust the overall warmth and coolness in a group of photos.

PL: When taking pictures, what are some objects or elements or feelings within a scene that inspire you to take a photo?

KK: I find myself gravitating towards depicting a kind of quietness in my photos. That quietness certainly involves capturing moments I find serene and romantic, but also moments where I want the viewer to feel like they are the only person around to witness it. Many of my favorite photos have come from things I've witnessed while spending time with only myself, and so sharing something I find special with an undertone of solitude has guided me the most.

PL: Out of all of these photos, which one is your favorite and why?

KK: My favorite photo is probably the shot of a white townhome with ivy and some cafe vibrancy peeking through. That was taken in Antwerp, Belgium on a little alcove of a side street. I love the contrast between the secluded, intimate space and the activity peeking through the gateway. I imagine myself living in that cozy nook when I look at it.

PL: What do you enjoy most about film and/or digital photography and what is challenging about it? 

KK: Creating a balanced composition in film photos brings me a lot of fulfillment; something about the rule of thirds has stuck with me since my high school art classes. A challenge is that my hands sometimes shake when attempting to get a shot, and it's hard to know when an image will be affected.


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