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Let’s face it, film and processing costs can add up, and here at PhotoLounge we’re always looking to find ways to save you money while still providing the best processing quality around. That’s where the Film Processing Super Saver can really make a difference. Think of it as $150 gift card to use towards film processing that you can use at once or over a period of time and all you have to pay is $99 to get it. 

Here is exactly how it works:

  1. Go here to make your purchase.

  2. Each Film Processing Super Saver costs $99 but gives you $150 in processing credit.

  3. You can use the gift card to cover the cost of processing, scanning and printing rolls of film. It can use for color or black and white 35mm film, 120 film or disposable cameras. 

  4. Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email with the code to use your gift card at checkout when you order online. There will also be a QR code that you can show us at the counter if you order in the store. 

  5. If you’re also a Film Club Member (thank you!), you’ll still receive upgraded scan resolution at no charge per the club benefit. If you are not a member, membership dues are $8 per month, we hope you’ll consider joining and maximizing your benefit. 

Our goal is to make film photography affordable for everyone, and this is a great value designed to keep you shooting. People always ask how many rolls the Film Processing Super Saver is for. Well, that depends on what film you are getting processed, whether you’re adding prints, what scanning resolution you select, and whether you’re a Film Club member. But as an example, the Film Processing Super Saver would cover the cost of 12 rolls of 24 exposure color film rolls with hi-resolution scans for Film Club members. 


Q: Could I purchase and combine multiple Film Processing Super Savers?
A: Absolutely, yes people do all the time. Each Saver purchased will add $150 to you account.

Q: Could I use the Film Processing Super Saver for a variety of film types?
A: Absolutely, yes you can use the Saver to pay for any type of film processing.

Q: Does the Film Processing Super Saver expire?
A: The Super Saver is good for use for a full year from date of purchase after which the value expires.

Q: Could the Film Processing Super Saver be used to pay for any other services or products?
A: The Super Saver is designed to pay for just film processing and cannot be used to pay for other products or services.

Q: Is the Film Processing Super Saver a good deal if you’re a Film Club Member?
A: Yes!!! Combining the benefits of the Saver and the Film Club is encouraged and smart. When you drop film for processing in the store or using our online order page you’ll get the club upgrades automatically and be able to pay for your order using the credit from the Super Saver at checkout.

Q: What if I have even more rolls? Do you offer volume discounts?
A: Yes, we can tailor your specific needs to a budget that makes sense. We’re really happy to work with you on this. Email us here and we’ll get back to you within a day at most. 


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  • jesse riggins - December 30, 2023

    hello photo lounge! i have about 26 rolls of film to develop from over the last couple years. I’ve been pretty broke and didn’t seem like the best use of my money. it is all 35mm 36 exposure color film. just wondering how much that would be for just develop and scans, thank you :)


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