Time Capsule: Mr. Big Stuff

Time Capsule
Time Capsule: Mr. Big Stuff


Who is in the photo?

The foreground is my late father dancing to “Mr. Big Stuff” at my sister Betty's wedding. The background is my two cousins Chuck (short brown hair) and Doug (long blond hair). Doug Jay was one of the world's great blues harmonica players. Doug Jay and The Blue Jays.

Where and when was it taken? 

The photo was taken in 1971 in the basement of St Ambrose Church and School in Cheverly Maryland where we (8 kids in the family) all attended primary school.

Geek out! What film was used, what camera was used, short story about the image. 

The image was taken on a Kodak instamatic camera. It’s a great image of joy and celebrates the passing of two very fun men. 

Scanned in Philadelphia by PhotoLounge.

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