Time Capsule Tuesdays: Newborn Garment Company

Time Capsule


We love helping you digitize your family memories and rediscover moments past, which is why we’re sharing some of our favorites, so welcome to Time Capsule Tuesdays!

"This photo is of my sister working on a logo for our fleece jacket company we started in high school some time around 1994. The photo was taken in our 'computer room' using one of those cheap automatic cameras. We tried to take pictures of ourselves snowboarding in our own fleece jackets as marketing materials for the catalog but we didn’t fully understand how the automatic focus feature and timer worked on those automatic cameras. Needless to say all of the pictures came back unfocused or two seconds past where we intended the shot to be and we had nothing for the catalog." — Sam Stein

Scanned in Philadelphia by PhotoLounge.

Everyone has their own box of memories, and we’re here to help you rediscover some of these special moments. Stop by the store or email Hannah, our Head of Digitizing (hannah@myphotolounge.com), to get started!


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