Time Capsule: West Philly Snow, 1993

Time Capsule

Carolyn M

Carolyn M


Who is in the photo?

My son, Matthew, is to the left. He would be four and a half in this photo. Next to him is our next door neighbor, Nate, who would be 3 in this photo. I am all the way on the left.

Where and when was it taken? 

This was taken in front of our house in West Philly.

Geek out! What film was used, what camera was used, short story about the image. 

This was taken well before cell phones, maybe with a Canon camera but not an SLR, just an ordinary film camera.

There was a big snowstorm in march at the end of winter. This is just a snapshot of young kids excited about playing in the snow. We were probably going to build an igloo in the front yard or go sledding at Clark Park.

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