Time Capsule: Colorado Rabbit, 1954

Time Capsule


Who is in the photo?

The subject is me (Ronnie) and the photographer was my dad, Paul. I have no idea — or memory — about the rabbit, it was probably a neighbor’s pet.

Where and when was it taken?

I was about 1 year old here, so 1954. The location was Denver, Colorado, probably in our backyard.

What film was used, what camera was used, short story about the image.

Dad had a Rolleiflex camera at about that time. 2-1/4 inch film, and certainly Kodak. My younger brother, a photographer, thinks it was probably Ektachrome, since the original glass slides are now very pink. But it’s possible it was Kodachrome, which he used occasionally.

Thanks for the great digitization work. Dad was not a very good photographer, bless him, but the pics we had you copy are precious, nonetheless.

Scanned and preserved at PhotoLounge.

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