Time Capsule: Mason Motor Inn, 1967

Time Capsule

Motor Inn


Who is in the photo?

Mary Mason Monaghan — Woman (my grandma) 30 years old
Thomas Monaghan — Boy (My uncle) 4 years old
Susan Monaghan — baby (My mom) 5 or 6 months old

When and where was it taken?

Mason Motor Inn — Columbia, South Carolina, 1967

What film and camera were used?

Kodachrome transparency slides 35mm, we believe the camera was a Kodak 127.

Could you tell us a short story about the image?

Mary was from Columbia, South Carolina, and moved to Philadelphia when she married her Husband Tom whom she met in the Navy and was from Philly. This was the first time she returned back home to introduce her children to her family who lived in South Carolina.

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