Time Capsule: Mr. Peanut, late 1950s

Time Capsule
Mr. Peanut


"I am a Planters Mr. Peanut collector, with a special interest in old photos. I have hundreds of vintage images of Mr. Peanut interacting with the public—some are original photos, others are copies of photos, and others are reprints from old slides. I have been bringing these slides to PhotoLounge for many years now. In general I buy these slides online, so I have little firsthand knowledge of the subject. Sometimes I can deduce from clues in the photo in what city the picture was taken, but I really can't in this particular image. I can say based on the style of Mr. Peanut costume, cars, style of dress, etc. that it is likely late 1950's or early 1960's. In those days, it was not uncommon for a Planters or store employee to wear the Mr. Peanut costume and hand out samples (I guess peanut allergies weren't a thing back then?). This looks to be a small town event in a strip mall parking area, possibly the Mid-West? 

Hope that was helpful. Other images that Photo Lounge has made for me from slides tend to be the old Peanut store on the Atlantic City NJ boardwalk, or around the Planters factory in Wilkes-Barre PA." — Anthony S.

Scanned and preserved at PhotoLounge.

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