Digitizing Services: Sort and Quote Q&As

Digitizing Services

We often get asked about the process behind digitizing: what the steps are, who handles the items, what needs to be organized ahead of time, etc. So we’ve begun a new series that dives into detail around how we convert each item: prints, slides, negatives, movies, videos, and our Sort and Quote.

Over the coming weeks you’ll hear from our Head of Digitizing, Hannah, as well as our founder, Ravid, while we walk you through each step of the digitizing process — from beginning to end.

Today we’ll begin with our most popular service: the Sort and Quote.

What is Sort and Quote?

Our Sort and Quote option is an easy way to help you understand what you have in that “who knows what” box of analog keepsakes. This is a free service! No need to pre-sort or organize your items—you can bring them in as is, or we can pick them up for you.

How does Sort and Quote work?

Step 1: Let’s get started!

We’re all about simplicity and ease, so we have two options to get you started:
- Drop-off your items at our location in Center City (130 S. 17th Street)
- Or, we can send our courier to come pick them up!

Step 2: Sort and Quote appointment

This can be done in person with Hannah, our Head of Digitizing (click here to schedule!) or via Zoom, whatever you would prefer. During this time, Hannah will answer any questions you may have, we’ll review your items together, and provide you with a quote to digitize the collection. During this time you will also decide what you’d like to do with the originals.

Step 3: The digitizing process begins!

We begin to convert your items. During this time, you have one-on-one attention on your project. Nothing changes hands and your photos aren’t sent anywhere — we do everything in our lab right here in Philadelphia, with technicians trained in archival digitizing work.

Step 4: The fun part

The time has come to collect your items! Once everything has been converted, you’ll receive your own personal Dropbox link to your digitized collection. Your original items will either be returned to you safely or securely disposed of, depending on your preference.

Step 5: Share, send, save

Your items are ready to be downloaded, sent to friends and family, saved to your phone or computer — even turned into holiday gifts!

We hope this helped provide you with an overview of how the process works!

Is there a cost associated?

No, our Sort and Quote service is completely free. We know this process can be daunting, and we want to do whatever we can to help you get your collection digitized—preserving those memories is our top priority. If you decide to move forward with the conversion, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too, there’s no cost to you either way.

Do I have to organize items beforehand?

You do not! When we go through your items together, we make notes of what’s included. Then, once everything has been converted and you receive your Dropbox link, you can organize the files however you’d like. Easy!

What if I don’t know what’s in the box/tupperware/bag of analog items?

No problem at all. We can sort through the bag, bin, or box of old photos, slides, and more together in person, and our team can answer any questions you may have in real-time! There’s no need to pre-sort your items—we’ll handle it all for you from start to finish.

Ready to get started? Book your Sort and Quote appointment with Hannah, or check out our other digitizing options

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