Welcome to the Film Club!

Welcome to the Film Club!

We are very excited to have you! This club began because we wanted to provide people who have a passion for film photography a chance to not feel so overwhelmed by the cost of film, processing and scanning. Now that you're part of the club, you get:

  • High resolution scans for the same price as standard resolution scans.
  • 10% off of all film, disposable cameras and eligible used camera gear.
  • Access to make a free 11x14 print each month.
  • Access to submit to seasonal Member Shows.
  • Opportunity to be featured on a Member Moment.

Remember to always sign into your account when you order film processing online for the discounts to automatically apply. Or if you come to the store to drop off your film, remind us that you are a film club member!

We hope you enjoy the membership and stick around! Please feel free to email deninno@myphotolounge.com if you have any questions about your membership. 

In the meantime, get back to processing film!