Theme: Winter

Photo Contest

Photograph of city street covered in snow

Contest Theme: Winter
Prize: Three rolls of film developed for free!
Winner: @iwas__neverhere

From the Artist: "This photo was taken on one of my nightly walks in Rittenhouse. I believe it was closing in on midnight, so there weren't many people out. I think this photo works because of the scale between the person and the environment. One individual alone in the night taking on a whole snow-covered street. They seem tired with a long way to go, but they don't look like they're giving up. This photo to me feels lonely yet hopeful."

What We Liked: Although we’re still eagerly awaiting our first snow of the year, we love the lighting and composition of this snowy street-scene. The soft illumination from streetlights and signs, reflected off the snow and diffused through the foggy air, deafens the scene. We also like how vibrant the red glow of the traffic light is in contrast to the cool colors around it.

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