Theme: Water

Photo Contest
Photograph of person standing in a pool
Contest Theme: Water
Prize: One roll of film developed and three 5x7 prints made free
Winner: @35mmshrine

From the Artist: “Be careful: you can drown in just a couple inches of water,”- my mom, every single time I went swimming. Despite having the best intentions, my mom’s fear of open water had developed into my own, second-hand fear of open water at a young age. This photo is of a dear friend of mine from this past June, on our annual beach vacation. Years ago, the first time we ever vacationed together, I watched him—without any hesitation—run and dive straight into the open ocean. I won’t ever forget the wide smile on his face when he ran back up to my towel on the sand. Seeing him in that moment fascinated me. He possessed a type of fearlessness that I not only wanted, but desperately needed to seep into the cracks of the foundation of every corner of my life. All these years later, I’ve happily taken the dive myself. I take it every day.

What We Liked: It's hard to not appreciate a photograph built on the rule of thirds. In this image it creates a good balance between the deep blue water and the more shallow part where the person is. Using an aerial perspective encourages the composition, ultimately capturing a different dimension of the space. 

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