Theme: Water

Photo Contest
Photograph of person standing in the ocean on a beach
Contest Theme: Water
Prize: Three rolls of film processed with high resolution scans for free.
Winner: @iwas_neverhere

From the Artist: "This photo was taken while I was away visiting family. It is of a thought we all meet quietly while looking out beyond the horizon. It is the confrontation between us and what we fear most—nothingness. Our mortality crashes ashore and we feel, all at once, devastatingly small and relieved. When we surrender the control we never had, that is when vacation begins, that is when we can float and simply be."

What We Liked: There is nothing quite like a trip to the shore on a hot summer day. The salty air, refreshing water, and indulgent boardwalk snacks capture something essential about vacationing on the east coast. Although this photo forgoes the fanfare of the boardwalk and crowds, we were struck by it's painterly composition and colors. The sole swimmer and bright orange sand contrast against the deep blue ocean. We also like how the birds are captured just above the horizon line. 

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