Theme: Time

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Time
Prize: Three rolls of film processed with high resolution scans
Winner: @rachwynne

From the Artist: "The photo was taken at the Palm Beach International Airport while I was stuck there on a 6 hour flight delay on 12/26/21. It was shot on Kodak Portra 400 with a Pentax ME Super. Few places put the theme of “time” at the forefront of one’s mind quite like an airport does; whether you’re rushing to catch a flight or trying to pass the time during a tedious flight delay."

What We Liked: The waiting room, or lost time, is well captured in this photo. The composition builds on the rather dramatic lighting to split the frame into three areas: the future, present, and past. The bright blue sky is where these travelers hope to go, the light mediated by the windows represents the limbo they are currently in, and the darkness to the right the check points from which they came. In their faces we see different approaches to this in-between state: catching some extra sleep, scrolling away on their phones, or alert and ready to leave.

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