Theme: Color Green

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: the color green
Prize: $25 print voucher
Winner: @morganne.whoever

What We Liked: We liked the strangeness of this photo. The objects within the image seem so removed from the vast landscape that it’s as if they were randomly placed there. We also found that this disconnect was enhanced by the brown grass under the objects and made the green color more vibrant.

From the Artist: "I took this photo somewhere down in North Carolina over the summer. The land we were on was so flat and hot, this pool really became our savior during the sweltering southern heat. I view the out of ground pool as an iconic symbol for the American summer, and I wanted to document it in all its glory amongst the vast green landscape. In my work, I'm really attracted to uncanny or weird Americana iconography. I feel that this type of pool represents not only the thing itself, but also the time/ place/ and people who are associated with this pool."

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