Theme: Solitude

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Solitude
Prize: 90 Day Gift Membership to the Film Club
Winner: @bertieworldwide

What We Liked: We liked how the inclusion of the photographer’s shadow tells us that they are alone and we felt that this was a creative representation of the theme. The lighting of this photo is also very beautiful and highlights lines and abstract patterns within the natural landscape.

From the Artist: "This was from a point on a road trip at a friend's family farm in Colorado. After months of quarantining with 5 people in a small south Philly row-home, my roommate and I decided to drive out to Wyoming and back. We've road tripped together before, and have developed such a strong rhythm that the car and the time spent never really feels claustrophobic as it might to some. After dinner one night, I wandered around the farm taking pictures. It was the first time in months I felt the nice kind of alone--solitude--which I always tend to feel surrounded by trees, in open space and near water. It was a respite in summer 2020."

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