Theme: Shapes

Photo Contest
Photograph of doors in a motel
Contest Theme: Shapes
Prize: One roll of film developed and three 5x7 prints made for free
Winner: @rachwynne

From the Artist: "The Jersey shore during the off season is one of my favorite places. It's quiet, beautiful, and a little strange. This photo; made in Wildwood embodies all of the previously mentioned attributes that make the shore so unique."

What We Liked: Picking out shapes and patterns in the everyday is a great foundation for interesting photography. The parallel patterns in this one immediately caught our attention. From the uniquely slanted windowsills, to the shadows that bisect them and the fence that holds it all together—there is something mesmerizing about this motel. The hose in the center also adds a nice juxtaposition, since its total lack of uniformity clashes with the rest of the frame.

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