Theme: Black and White

Photo Contest
Photograph of person pulling ladder on airport tarmac
Contest Theme: Black and white
Prize: Three rolls of film developed with high resolution scans for free

From the Artist: “I captured this photo while sitting on my flight back to Philadelphia during a rain delay. I decided to take the photo after seeing the reflection of the jacket through the window. Originally I was thinking of capturing it in color to show the pop of the yellow on the jacket, but just so happen that I had a B&W roll already in the camera. I'm glad I did as the yellow showing up as an extreme white tone in front of the warm grays the film produced made the photo more appealing and draws the eye of the viewer to the subject."

What We Liked: This image stood out to us for how it uses the best parts of black and white photography to create a compelling frame. Composing the frame with the ladder in the foreground adds a layer of abstraction to this image, especially with the way that it breaks up the subject’s bright white coat. The warm grays and subtle bokeh also come together to create a nice background.

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