Theme: Shadows

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Shadows
Prize: Five free 5x7 prints
Winner: @brooke.granttt

From the Artist: "Recently, I have been engulfed by the feeling of isolation and spending much more time in my bed. I was instantly inspired to grab my camera when I noticed how the light glimmered onto my pillow one evening, highlighting the empty space next to me. Always being drawn to shadows, I added the element of my hand to create an estranged self-portrait, as well as to represent this longing for touch and a memory of what was once there."

What We Liked: The light that projects through the window onto the pillow is soft and inviting. This feeling is contrasted by the shadow of the hand. It brings an eerie quality to the image especially in how it is positioned and distorted. We also liked how the subtle shadow of the window pane seems to mimic the pattern of the pillow cover.

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