Theme: Best of the Year

Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Best/Favorite of the Year
Prize: 30% discount code
Winner: @thepizzaboobs

From the Artist: "I crave guidance and I crave to guide. There are dimensions within myself I wish to know. My bravery will get me there. This image is one of an ongoing series in my own special world that I have created. This world is my reminder to have strength so I may find freedom. A mindful heightening of the senses is an independent experience that cannot be done without feeling the present moment. The heat of the sun, the chill of the plunge, the fragrance earth that can never be experienced in the same way from a different perspective and all infer evidence of a great internal power."

What We Liked: The majority of the water in the lake is incredibly still which brings a calm quality to the image. We liked though that the stillness is then interrupted by the splash of the person falling in. We also liked how the person’s foot is positioned because it seems to be pointing to where the sun is reflecting off of the water.

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