Theme: Red

Photo Contest
Contest Theme: Red
Prize: Three rolls of film developed and scanned high res for free!
Winner: @jmj_mueller

What We Liked: Color plays an important role in the balance of a photograph. And red, the bold color that it is, can either overwhelm a photo or be the visual element that makes a simple photo dynamic. Here, the shiny but chipping red paint immediately draws our attention and evokes nostalgia. The metal side-view mirror serves as our focal point, and from there our eyes travel around the window; we observe the way light bounces off of the metal and how the sun beams through the windshield into the interior. With the visor down to block the light, it suggests the presence of someone in the driver seat though they’re not there. So while the color does a great job of grabbing the viewer’s attention, the light, reflections, composition, and the details of the car also contribute to making this a strong photograph.

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