Theme: Music

Photo Contest
Photograph taken with Olympus OM2 35mm SLR using CineStill 800T film of a disco ball

Contest Theme: Music
Prize: Three 8x10 prints made free
Winner: @jwatson_photos

From the Artist: "Funny enough, music wasn't the main act when I took this photo (although there was a really cool musician playing music throughout the night). I got an opportunity through my good friend and comedy genius, Zoe Dixon, to photograph the Look Over Here Comedy Show, run by Charles Steele. It was at PhilaMoca and my first thought when I saw it was -- disco planetary system. The reflected lights as stars, the two eclipses, all spinning, dancing around this glass planet. It is nice to imagine, isn't it?" 

Camera: Olympus OM2 35mm SLR
Film: CineStill 800T

What We Liked: The way layers of light and shadow reflect off the disco ball gives this photo a very interesting ethereal quality. They create a scene that almost looks more at home in outer space than on the dance floor. We also like how this photo focuses on a disco ball, which doesn’t actually produce music but is irrelevant without it.

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