Theme: Flowers

Photo Contest
Photograph of flowers and people in Rittenhouse Park in Philadelphia
Contest Theme: Flowers
Prize: One roll of film developed and three 5x7 prints made for free!
Winner: @leb.jones

From The Artist: "This photo was shot using a Minolta X-700 using Kodak ColorPlus 200 film. The scene was captured on a sunny, late summer's day in Rittenhouse Square. I initially wanted to capture solely the flowers but including the parkgoers on the left presented a dual focus image that draws the eye to multiple points. I think together the two focal points tell a story of a lovely day out in the city."

What We Liked: Flowers are so much fun to photograph! There are so many different ways to incorporate them into the frame, either as central subjects or colorful accents that elevate the image as a whole. In this photograph, we like how they take on both roles—as a dominate subject in the foreground but also as an accent to the people reading to the left. The vignette also gives the whole image a really nice texture.

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