Theme: Black and White

Photo Contest
Photograph of person looking in the mirror
Contest Theme: Black and White
Prize: One roll of film developed and three 5x7 prints made for free!
Winner: @zackybobphoto

From the Artist: "This was a photo for one of my first photography assignments about capturing 'light as a subject.' It came about totally randomly, with me noticing a mirror in the corner of our photo studio and telling my friend olive to hold it for a picture. It was just lit with a random makeshift lightbulb attached to a stand, but I love the way the lighting turned out anyways. A lot of the credit for the photo goes to Olive, she took my direction of 'can I try to see you in the mirror' and ran with it to really give the image its depth."

What We Liked: This photograph immediately struck us for its strong use of light, shadows, and composition to create an interesting but abstract image. We like how the subject’s face is only visible through the mirror in their hands—it’s like a window into their soul. The way that their shadow mirrors their body and the mirror also adds an abstract element to the frame.

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