Moms With Lenses


Photo by Kimber VanSant

Come see our Moms With Lenses exhibition on view from May 6th to July 2nd!
Join us on May 20th for a reception from 6-9pm.

Documenting the bond between mother and child has occupied art from the beginning of time and typically portrayed mother and child together, often in idyllic terms and emphasizing the maternal nurturing instinct.

In this photography show, the moms are the artists behind the lens (or directing the shot while in it). They study their children in a home environment, and they beautifully capture an essence of middle class childhood and family life in the city and suburbs in order to deliver pictures that are less idyllic and more interactive or contemplative. The pictures are contemporary but their spirit is timeless.

Children and adults appear like actors on set, acting out scenes of playful chaos and quiet tender love and subtle tension. It is a study of interaction–between parents and children, between siblings, and between people and place. 

The pictures appear at once highly staged and intentional while seeming spontaneous and raw. Some of the pictures appear documentary in style, taken by mom photographers who offer their point of view on a story without appearing in the pictures or being necessarily linked to the subjects. Other pictures are carefully choreographed, staged, posed, sometimes as self portraits that can appear dreamy and introspective.

What results are fascinating moments of modern life, parenting today, and place. Motherly love and instinct come through with mom as a storyteller and observer; mom is at once a mother and a commentator on her environment. The pictures could be shots from the family albums except they tell a universal and relatable story that is immediately recognizable.

Featured artists include, Breanne Furlong, Kimber VanSant, Amy Wilson, Shira Yudkoff

Please come by PhotoLounge starting May 6th from 12-5pm Monday through Saturday to walk through the gallery and see these inspiring photographs and join us on May 20th for a reception from 6-9pm. 

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