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Our friends at the Da Vinci Art Alliance will be hosting a four day Exhibition Bootcamp this September! Read on to learn more about it and to
register for the Exhibition Bootcamp.

About the Workshop

The artistic process doesn’t end upon completing a work of art. If displaying artwork in a gallery setting is something you strive for, learning what a curator does will better inform your artistic practice. Back by popular demand, Exhibition Bootcamp will offer the opportunity to work with curator and Co-Director of DVAA, Bryant Girsch to create an exhibition of your own artwork.

Six students will bring a selection of their artwork to DVAA for two consecutive weekends of discussions, collaboration, and hands-on installation. Students will then apply their gained knowledge to curate and install a month-long group exhibition on DVAA’s third floor space, which will be on view September 22nd - October 12th.

Workshop Schedule

Sept 3, 11am - 3pm, Day 1: Group artwork discussions
Sept 4, 11am - 3pm, Day 2: Curation lecture & exhibition planning
Sept 10, 11am - 3pm, Day 3: Exhibition Layout 
Sept 11, 2:30pm - 6:00pm, Day 4: Installation Processes
Sept 22, 4pm -7p: Exhibition Opening Reception


3-5 artworks that you would be comfortable showing in the exhibition and are ready to display. Through the class discussions, we will ultimately select which of these artworks will best fit into the exhibition. In the spirit of collaboration, we recommend bringing smaller work if available so there's adequate space for everyone

A notebook and pen to take notes or a laptop if preferred.


Exhibition Bootcamp will take place on the third floor of DVAA which can only be accessed up three flights of stairs.

Register for the Exhibition Bootcamp
Have Questions? 

Email Bryant at bryant@davinciartalliance.org

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