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David Maialetti is one of the artists featured in PL130 Gallery's photography show Off Topic, a photo show about the unassigned work of photojournalists who worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News since the 80s. This week we caught up with David to learn more about his work and experience.


David Maialetti


How did you first get into photography? And how did you make your way into becoming a photojournalist?

My parents bought me a camera when I was young. In college, I took a photojournalism class. It opened my eyes to seeing differently and the power of the still image.

When speaking about your photography, do you describe yourself as an artist, photographer, or photojournalist?

A photojournalist who tries to approach the craft with creativity.

In what years did you work for the Philadelphia Inquirer or Daily News?


Do you have a favorite story of an encounter with a subject either on an assignment or a personal project?

I don’t have one particular story but I’m awkward in social situations. The camera has given me the courage to meet so many interesting people that I wouldn’t have approached without it.

David Maialetti

In what ways is photographing on assignment different from personal editorial work?

It’s the same. I try to keep an open mind and let the scene dictate what is visually interesting. Always anticipating a moment.

Is there a specific theme that captivates you, one that you keep returning to?

I enjoy seeing light and shadow. It’s mindless but a lot of fun. I like waiting for a random person to walk into a scene.

Are you active on Instagram? Who do you follow that you really admire?

I was more active early on but IG is less about good photography. Too many adds or random things the IG thinks I want to see. That’s hard to say. I admire a lot work by many different photographers.

What piece of advice would you give to a young photographer who is interested in photojournalism?

Perseverance. Perseverance because there aren’t many jobs out there for photojournalists.

Visit David's website to see more of his work or follow him on Instagram @maialetti!


David Maialetti


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