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Jack McCaul is a long time customer and Film Club Member of PhotoLounge. We interviewed him back in 2022 when he started taking travel photos and photos of surfers. Since then he moved to Hawaii and continues to take photos of surfers and the tropical landscape. He also still sends us his film to be developed! This week we decided to interview him again and share some of his current work. 

Photograph of someone playing soccer

Photograph of landscape in Hawaii

Photograph of landscape in Hawaii

PL: Since we last interviewed you, what are you most proud of in how your work has evolved? 

JM: Oh man it feels like ages since the last time we have talked. Since that conversation, my work has taken off in ways I could have never imagined. I am definitely most proud of recently selling my work for the first time. Before 2022, photo was a hobby, but over the last year I had my first big print sale and published my first zine. I was so blown away with how much love they received. I am also really proud that I have been able to go all in and prioritize photography in my life. My work is so much more intentional now because I am confident in my ability to make quality photographs so I am definitely holding myself to a much higher standard than I was before. 

Photograph of landscape and street sign in Hawaii

Photograph of people eating on a rock in the sun

Photograph of people surfing in Hawaii

PL: You shared a few black and white photos with us this time. How has your interest and relationship with black and white film changed? 

JM: In Hawaii I got back into developing/scanning some of my own work and in the process of developing I fell back in love with black and white. This started because developing black and white is so much easier than color and I wanted to shoot and develop as much as possible but ended up sticking with it and falling back in love. I also think there is something really special about shooting black and white film in the ocean. 

Photograph of someone surfing

Photograph of someone surfing

Photograph of people eating on a mountain

Photograph of someone surfing

PL: What got you interested in taking photos of surfing culture? 

JM: To be completely honest, I never set out to have this large collection of surf or surf culture photos. It wasn’t even my original style I enjoyed shooting but I spend most of my own free time surfing and chasing waves and I always have my camera on hand on these journeys. It kinda just happened and then I realized I loved the shots I was getting. Mostly everyone I shoot is a friend of mine and I have been so lucky to be able to document some of my best friends in such beautiful moments. 

Photograph of a road leading to a mountain in Hawaii

Photograph of surfers on a beach

Photograph of surfers on a beach

Photograph of a truck on an open road

PL: Do you have any goals or ideas of how you want to grow this collection of photographs?

JM: I do for sure. I have a project I have been brainstorming and I hope to start shooting soon that revolves around the ocean and people whose lives are shaped by their connection to the ocean. This will really grow my collection of shooting in the water which is something I am fairly new too! 

Photograph of a lighthouse and the ocean

Photograph of a landscape in Hawaii

Photograph of a landscape in Hawaii

Photograph of someone surfing

PL: Some of the images are arranged as a diptych or triptych. What do you like about this style of displaying images? What inspired you to arrange some of your photos in this way? 

JM: I think for me, seeing multiple photos together like in a diptych or triptych it really helps in telling the story and this was something I was drawn to. For me, Almost every horizontal photo I take and share with others is set up as a diptych / triptych.

Photograph of two surfers

Photograph of a beach landscape in Hawaii

Photograph of surfers on a beach in Long Beach Island

PL: Out of all of these images, which one do you like the most and why? 

JM: Oof this is a tricky one. I would have to say the triptych of my little cousin and our friend walking along the beach after a surf. This took place back on the east coast in LBI. I think I like it so much because not only does it remind me of home but it was one of the best mornings I had all summer. I have this as a print in my bedroom here and every time it makes me smile.

Photograph of a road and landscape in Hawaii

Photograph of someone surfing

Photograph of a car door open in a landscape in Hawaii


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