Member Moment: Hannah Feinberg

Film Club
Hannah Feinberg is a Film Club Member whose photos caught our attention on Instagram. This week she shared with us a group of her favorite photos from her time abroad and at the shore. Scroll down to see the photos.

Photograph looking out over water at people standing on a rocky coast

Photograph of building next to the beach

Photograph of street corner

Photograph looking down a bridge

Photograph of wave in ocean

Photograph looking out a window at the ocean

Photograph of group of friends sitting in park

Photograph of group of friends standing near a beach

Photograph of waterfall

Photograph looking down at people at the beach

Photograph of fruit stand on a street

Photograph of person standing on rocks near the ocean

Photograph of people laying on a beach

Photograph of a vineyard

Photograph of a water fall

Photograph looking down a hill at a river

Photograph looking down a deserted street

Photograph looking out window in Italy


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